Bellary Onion
Western region From Nashik Belt and Pune Belt
Southern Region From Bangalore

Rose Onion (Shallot)
Southern Region From Bangalore Belt
Southern Region From Cuddappah Belt

Podisu Onion
Southern Region From Tmail Nadu


Indian Garlic

Central India (Madhya Pradesh)
Western India (Gujarat)
Northern India (Rajasthan & Himachal)
Southern India (Tamilnadu)

Dry Red Chilies

Wrinkled Chilies
From Guntur Region In Andhara Pradesh
Sanam Chilies
From Guntur Region In Andhara Pradesh
Wonderhot Chilies
From Guntur and Warrangal in Andhara Pradesh and
Nagpur in Maharshtra
Byadgi Chilies
From Byadgi  In Karnataka Guntur in Andhara Pradesh
Teja Chilies
From Guntur and Khammam In Andhara Pradesh


Northern Region From Agra
Central Region From Indore
Southern Region From Ooty & Bangalore
Easter Region From Calcutta





Groundnut Kernels

Western (Gujarat) Origin Groundnut
Southern (Andhara & Karnataka) Origin Groundnut
Eastern (Orissa) Orgin Groundnut kernels




Red Lentils From Centeral India
(Madhya Pradesh)