Bellary Onion

India is producing nearly 5,500,000 Metric Tonnes of onion every year and nearly two thirds of the crop is available in Western region and balance from south and east regions.

Earlier onion was exported only to Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and Middle East. Since last two years other countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines, Taiwan and China in the fareast, European countries like Greece have also started buying onion from India.

Area Quality Availability Sizes Centres
Nashik Red (Kharif) Nov - Jan Various (20 to 80 mm)

Lasal Gaon, PimPal Gaon, Manmad, Vani, etc..,

Rose (Late Kharif) Jan - March Various (20 to 80 mm)
Pink (Rabi) April - Jan Various (20 to 80 mm)
Stock Jan - October Various (20 to 80 mm)
Pune Shallot Sep - October Small (20 to 40 mm)

Pune, Parner, Chakan, etc..,

Pink Jan - May Big (45 to 90 mm)
Ahmed Nagar Shallot Sep - October Small (20 to 80 mm) Ahamed Nagar
Pink Jan - May Big (45 to 90 mm)
South Shallot Sep - October Small (20 to 80 mm)

Bangalore, Hubli, etc..,

Red Sep - October Small (45 to 90 mm)

Onion also is available in other areas such as Gujarat in Western India, Madhya Pradesh in Central India, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar and Punjab in Northern India, and Orissa and West Bengal in Eastern India but these onion are not in great demand in the overseas market and supplying for the local consumption mainly.

Procurement, Sorting and Packing

Our Procurement of Nasik onion is done through our office in Lasal Gaon, which has the biggest market in India for onion. Onion is procured not only from Lasal Gaon market, but also from other markets in the Nasik area such as Pimpal Gaon, Manmad, Chandwad, Kalwan, Vani, Dindori, Deola, Yeola, Nand Gaon, Niphad, Satana, Saykheda and Sinnar.

For sorting and packing onion we have our warehouse in Lasal Gaon and the onion procured from the other markets are taken to nearby warehouses where our quality control team is present to check the quality while sorting and the packing of onion.

For Pune onion we either sort and pack the cargo in Pune itself or the adjoining market centers like Parner, Chakan etc., in the presence of our quality personal or we bring the cargo to our Mumbai warehouse to do the sorting and packing.

Loading in Containers

The onion thus packed in consumer packing is brought to our warehouse in Mumbai for stuffing in containers in front of our quality control team. The quality of onion shipped is controlled while buying cargo, in packing center and in Mumbai before stuffing in container. Three-stage quality control ensures only best quality is shipped out.

South Indian Rose and Podisu Onion

South Indian Rose onion and Podisu onion mainly exported to the Fareast countries like Malaysia West and East, Thailand and Indonesia. Also these varieties have good demand in the sub continent countries like Sri Lanka.

Rose Onion (Shallot) and Podisu Onion
Area Quality Availibility Sizes Centres
Bangalore Rose Mar - Jan 20 to 40 mm

Chintamani, Chickbellapur, Hosur, Baghapalle,etc..,

Bangalore Rose Jul - Oct 20 to 40 mm
Krishnapuram Rose Nov - Feb 20 to 40 mm Cuddappah
Tmail Nadu Podisu Mar - Sep 20 to 40 mm

Dindigal, Palladam, Trichy